Each year the Annual General Meeting (or ‘AGM’) is a time for Hackforgers to come together to learn about what has been happening over the past twelve months, and to make plans for the future. This meeting is when we determine board members and bylaw updates, and when the general memership gets a look at how board meetings work. This year we had a lot to cover on all fronts, and we appreciate everyone who joined us for it. For those who were unable to make it, here are the night’s highlights:

2022-2023 Recap

This past spring Hackforge officially moved into its first physical space in a while! We’re now located at 300 Ouellette Ave, unit 210. This move allows us to host regular in-person and hybrid events in a location that is easily accessible by private or public transit.

We’ve also abolished paid memberships, moving instead to a contribution-based model.

According to Managing Director Lauren Hedges, between January and September of this year we’ve hosted 36 events, reaching over 240 people. Our projections through the end of the year expect a total of 48 events for 320 people by the end of December. This represents a 20% growth in events and a 5.5% growth in attendance over 2022.

Hackforge has also received a Community Services Recovery (CSRF) Grant for a project we’ve dubbed “Hackforge Goes Hybrid.” This funding allows us to update our program delivery models and methods in order to reach more people. This includes purchasing equipment and amenities to empower hybrid virtual/in-person events, and hiring an editor to ensure our video recordings quickly make it online. Still to come, we will be purchasing a mobile internet hotspot, which will enable us to hold events in a wider geographical area.

This grant also covers the redesign of Hackforge’s website! We’ll be making it more accessible, while also making it easier for folks to find info on and register for our events. The first changes for this will be rolling out soon, so keep an eye out for that!

This year we have also hired (for the first time ever?!) a volunteer coordinator! Matias Marin is working on helping to build a more engaged online community through our Discord server, is assisting with event management, and will become more visible to everyone in the weeks to come.

Other recent updates:

  • We’re hiring an admin assistant for the Managing Director – interviews have just wrapped, and the successful applicant will be announced soon
  • Hackforge is partnering with the Cycling Guide Foundation to bring the Cycling Guide mobile app to Windsor-Essex. Cycling Guide offers low-stress, cycling-centric routes, targeted towards new cyclists and commuters. This is a compliment to WindsorEssexCycling.ca, which we envision will be a route-planning web app for long distance riders.

Plans for 2023-2024

Plans for the next twelve months include:

  • Produce short-form video content that covers the highlights of Hackforge events and existing videos, as well as advertising our interest groups
  • Continue pursuing the regional implementation of Cycling Guide mobile app
  • Complete website redesign 
  • Ensure compliance with Ontario Not-for-profit corporations act by the October 2024 deadline

Board of Directors Changes

At this year’s AGM two members of our Board of Directors met the end of their term, with eligibility for reelection. Sherri Wheeler and Shawn Daichendt were reinstated by acclamation.

Earlier this week Chair of the Board Doug Sartori accepted the resignation of board member Franco Iaccobacci. This left an opening for someone to complete his term.

Long-time Hackforger, and AWS interest group lead Goran Karmisevic was nominated and elected by the Board.

Bylaw Amendments

Confirmation of Bylaw 7.03 Term of Office

7.03 Term of Office

  • Directors shall hold office for a term of 2 years so long as they remain eligible under the terms of Article 7.02. Terms of office shall be staggered so that two or three of the terms expires each year. 
  • No Director shall be eligible to serve more than three consecutive terms.
  • A Member who has served three full consecutive terms shall not be eligible to serve again as a Director before the passing of one year.

Amendment of Bylaw 7.17 Succession of the Chair

This bylaw was amended to update succession planning for the role of Chair of the Board

Original Bylaw:

7.17 Succession of the Chair

  • Should the Office of Hackforge Chair become vacant, for any reason, the level of succession, is deemed as follows:
  1. Treasurer
  2. Secretary

Amended Bylaw

7.17 Succession of the Chair

  • Should the Office of Hackforge Chair become vacant, for any reason, the level of succession, is deemed as follows:
  1. Secretary
  2. Treasurer

Bylaw Amendment 10.07 Past Chair

This bylaw was added to bring in the past chair as an ex officio board member.

10.07 Past Chair

  • The Past Chair shall, ex officio, also be an officer of the Corporation and a Member of the Board of Directors and shall be entitled to receive notice and attend all meetings of the Board and its Executive Committee;
  • The Past Chair shall hold this role for two years or until a new Past Chair is available, whichever comes first


  • Attend board meetings as a non-voting board member
  • Provide guidance and advice to the board based on their experience