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We’re focused on building community and capacity around technology in Windsor and Essex County.

What We Do

Windsor Hackforge aims to be the meeting place for technology professionals, students, and enthusiasts in Southwestern Ontario. We offer:


Shaking hands and passing out business cards isn’t the only way to expand your network.

Hackforge offers alternative networking opportunities in Windsor-Essex. Stop by a video game night and the person you beat in Bushido Blade might just be your next coworker. Answer someone’s question on our Discord server and perhaps you’ll find a new coding partner.

Community Development Projects

Hackforge believes in technology’s ability to improve our region and daily lives. For this reason, we undertake projects that give our membership the chance to contribute, teach, and learn, with an end product that makes Windsor-Essex a better place to live.

Past projects include QueerWalk and WindsorEssexCycling.


Our region is home to very talented individuals working for many of the companies you interact with every day. We also have enthusiastic beginners excited to share their journey into the world of tech.

Through our free programming, everyone is welcome to share their knowledge and experience. With these events, Hackforge is democratizing tech education.

Our Next Event

Missed a tutorial? Check for the recording!

How to Join

Whether you’re a seasoned tech enthusiast, a curious newcomer, or simply passionate about supporting a vibrant tech ecosystem, we’ve got space for you at Hackforge! We’re an inclusive community that welcomes anyone and everyone.

To become a member, all you need to do is contribute to the community. That could be writing code for a community project, delivering a tutorial, or assisting at a video game night.

  • There is no cost to become a Hackforge member
  • Everyone can attend every event, regardless of membership status
  • Becoming a member grants you voting rights at the Annual General Meeting
  • Everyone who engages with Hackforge must adhere to our Code of Conduct

To get started, come to an event or message us at


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